Monday, July 16, 2012

Clamp me, Baby.

Product: Bull Nose Nipple Jewelry
Manufacturer: Cal Exotics
Material: Metal and Latex (beware of potential latex allergies!)

Cleaning: Clean with mild soap and water - just make sure to dry them off completely, you wouldn't want them to rust!

Nothing’s sexier than the sound of metal on metal, so of course the soft clinking sound of the chain from these bull nose nipple clamps were nothing short of exciting – sure, they were my first pair of nipple clamps from a sex toy store and I was ridiculously excited about them, but even to this day that sound gets me going every time. These are made primarily of metal (aside from the small latex tips that cover the clamping mechanism) so they can be cold to the touch, but you can warm them pretty easily in your hands if you don’t like the shock of cold metal against bare skin.I personally prefer the coldness of them, and RS loves to throw them in the freezer for a few minutes before we play.

Upon first look, the only visible downside of these clamps is the tips – they can (and often do!) fall off, so you have to make sure to store them somewhere where the tips can be easily found if lost while not in use. Or, you can crazy glue those fuckers on there. It’s a quick fix for an annoying problem, because nothing’s scarier than the sharp metal teeth that those rubber tips are hiding.

From nose to nose, these clamps span 16" in length.
One of my favourite things about these clamps are their ability to be adjusted to suit your desired pressure. Before trying these, my nipple clamping experience was limited to clothespins and other household clips and clamps I hoarded. I realized that I’m not a one-size-fits-all kind of girl, and I like being able to adjust them based on my sensitivity - and these actually have a pretty good range in term of pressure. I started out using very light pressure and pinching more nipple, and eventually worked to pinching less and applying more (remember, the less you grab between them, the more you’re going to feel it!).

It took a little bit of practice to figure out how to secure them comfortably, but once you play with them a little bit and figure out how they work with your body, they’ll stay put even when you tug on them (which is the awesome benefit of the metal chain that attaches the clamps together). I don't have particularly small or flat nipples, so I have no problems securing them, but this could be a potential problem for anyone who does. Just make sure to watch the clock while you’re wearing them, as you don’t want to cut off blood supply or damage the nerves of the clamped area. Fifteen minutes is a pretty good general rule, but until you know your body it’s good practice to take a minute and assess your body every five minutes or so, until you have a better understanding of your functioning with this particular product.

This is a great product for individuals looking for a solid first pair of nipple clamps. With a little bit of DIY gluing, these are a great pair of clamps that have the potential to remain a staple product in the toy box. Good for both first-time users and those with more experience – these clamps aren’t a product that needs to be upgraded for a bigger or better model later down the road.


product picture
Nipple clamps by California Exotic
Material: Latex / Metal

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