Monday, July 16, 2012

Balls Are Sexy You Know!

Product: Aslan Silicone Ball Gag
Manufacturer: Aslan Leather
Material: Leather and Silicone

Cleaning: The silicone ball can be boiled on the stove for roughly 3-5 minutes in order to ensure proper sterilization, but can also be put in the dishwasher in your utensil holder (no soap) and then left out to thoroughly air dry before storing. The best way to clean the leather strap is to use a wet rag, with a drop of dish soap, and just wipe the area down, and again with just plain water. Never ever EVER soak or submerge your leather completely in water, and always dry it completely directly after cleaning.

I ordered the aslan silicone ball gag as a surprise gift for RS. We had never really talked about adding gags to our play, but RS had previously shown immense enjoyment in commanding my silence while playing – I can be a little too vocal at times perhaps! I saw this online and checked the sex toy review community and my compulsion took over and I just had to have it, especially because it’s leather, and well, leather is sexy as hell. And then RS and I talked about it, and talked about it, and talked about it some more. And with a green light and understanding on both sides, we got to work - erm, play.

As a beginner gag user, there were a few things I immediately liked about this particular gag. First, I liked the quick release snaps on either side of the silicone ball. There’s always the potential for panicking in the moment, and it’s always good to have a secure plan of ‘escape’ before the situation arises - those snaps immediately put me at ease.

Those straps have also proven really great in terms of being able to quickly and easily remove the silicone ball for cleaning, as well as for quickly switching the ball for a bigger one when this one just doesn't keep me quiet enough. The other thing I really like about this is the beautiful soft leather strap – it’s flexible and easily adjustable with ten or so different adjustment holes. Great for all head shapes and sizes, which is always a plus.

Which brings me to my only downside with this gag: I felt like the silicone ball was too big the first time I attempted to wear it. As a truly first-time ball gag user, it could have been smaller, and although it is only around a 1 1/2” diameter, my gag reflexes immediately took over and I had to take a few breaths before attempting to use it again. I’m quite comfortable in saying that my gag reflexes never comes into play during any other activities, but perhaps with the silicone ball it’s just a different type of sensation to accustom yourself to.

Before bringing it into play, I decided to wear it for short increments while sitting at the computer, studying, and reading to get myself fully accustomed to it. I slowly increased those increments until I was fully comfortable wearing it for extended periods of time during our play. It does help that the silicone ball is soft but still really firm, and has a bit of give to it - you can happily clench down on it and not feel like you’re causing irreparable damage to your teeth.

Overall, this is a relatively good pick for first-time ball gag users, especially when considering the general ease of being able to swap out the silicone ball for a different sized one if/when desired, as well as the ease in cleaning. It was my first ball gag and remains my go-to gag nearly a year later - and it still looks and feels like new. For seasoned users it’s a plus all around, and there’s nothing about this gag that isn’t painfully pleasing!


product picture
Mouth gag by Aslan Leather
Material: Silicone / Leather


  1. Great job with the review, fun blog as well!

    1. Thanks Brie!
      I definitely appreciate the positive response!