Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Toy With Me Tuesday:
The Soft Side

When I think of celebrating Kink in honour of National Kink Month, my mind goes straight to my drawer of leather debauchery and the many tools of painful pleasure that occupy their own space amongst my collection of toys.

But when I close that drawer and open the one directly above it, I'm greeted by an exquisite array of beautifully dyed rope just waiting to slip softly against the skin in all its knotted glory. It's a colourful drawer, doused in pastel pinks and peaches, soft blues and glossy greens; these colours are stretched and hung across the room from one end to the other, the endless possibilities emerging as our bedroom is transformed into a colourful nest of kinky potential.

Kink isn't always leather clad wielding a flogger in each hand in horrifyingly perfect form; it has a soft side, a beautifully naked side that embraces the soft exploration of boundaries and the gentle push of limits. 

It isn't always about whips and chains and the icy touch of metal on delicate skin; sometimes it's the warmth of comfort beneath the hug of rope and the simple sensations of just being alive to the experience.

You can find more creative sex toy photography by heading on over to this week's Toy with me Tuesday collection. You can also follow the #ToyWithMeTuesday hashtag on twitter.



  1. Hmmm, nice write up as well as a pretty picture, we like!

    Stace and Vi @ AdultoysUK