Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sneaky Storage

Sex toys are the epitome of fun, freedom, and pleasure - until you try to store them of course.

Storage ends up being one of the biggest annoyances that comes with owning sex toys, and the more you own, the more annoying it ends up being. Locked briefcase boxes, shoe boxes jammed under beds and tucked in closets, bedside tables filled to the brim - you can't have toys without thinking about how to store them.

Family and children can be nosy and toys are often something we want to keep private - not many of us who share space with non-intimate others would be willing to leave their toys out on display for the world to enjoy (visually only of course!)
Height of 17.5" and a Width of 13.5"
Storage is a big issue for me, and I've lamented about it for ages on Twitter. In the early days of discovering sex toys, my collection was quite small and relatively limited, but even then I was searching for a way to store my toys in one place where no one might accidentally come upon them. I wish I would have come across the Sneaky Snack from Holistic Wisdom back then, because it would have been quite suited to my needs at the time.

This little storage bag hangs in your closet and can be hidden under jackets or sweaters. This is actually ridiculously discrete - it disappears beneath my favourite comfy sweater even when filled to the brim.

True to my academia, I conducted an experiment with an (unsuspecting) participant a few weeks ago while my sister was home for Thanksgiving. I filled the Sneaky Sack with toys and let my sister go through my clothes and pick out my outfit for Thanksgiving dinner - she was none the wiser of the experiment she was taking part in.

The Sneaky Sack has three separate compartments, which is important so you can separate your toys from others that might harm it. My house is not a chemistry lab - I don't want to see any chemical reactions among my toys. Each compartments is relatively fair sized, and the main compartment is large enough to comfortably hold my Hitachi, which to me is great since a storage option is only as good as it's ability to store all of your toys.

The material is also pretty great because its strong and durable and actually feels that way. Even when filled to the brim with toys the material maintains its shape and doesn't feel like it's going to burst at the seams at any moment. It's also waterproof, so leaking lubes won't spoil your fun for too long. It can be quickly tossed in the wash on cold (hang to dry), and voila, lube spillage erased.

Now, I have a pretty decent collection of toys that span five large dresser drawers, so I knew my toy collection wouldn't be contained to this little bag. But that's one of the great things about this - you can literally use it for just about anything you want hidden away from prying eyes. And since I don't have a firearm to hide in my closet, my Sneaky Sack holds the many explicit DVDs that I don't want just hanging out in my media center between Finding Nemo and Ironman.

Despite using this for a slightly different use, I'm actually quite excited for my next trip out of town with RS - I'll be stuffing my cosy sweater full of my favourite toys without worrying that my nosy Mother will find my toys when she comes behind me in attempt to remedy my poor packing skills.

Thinking about all the different ways this storage option can be used is absolutely baffling, and I'm surprised I've not seen variations of this idea floating around. It's a great item, and definitely one to look at if you have a small collection of things to hide.


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  1. This is very clever! We keep our sex toys and related items in a locked trunk, but we really like the "hide in plain sight" aspect of this.